Introduction !

Madanpur Co-operative H/B Society was formed in the wake of 1984 anti Sikh riots to secure the safety and identity of sikh families residing in Delhi. The society’s intent was to provide as many sikh families an opportunity to own land and reside in the state of Panjab.

Duly registered under the Punjab Co-operative Societies Act, 1961 on 7.1.1985 with registration No. 932 i.e. more than 25 years back, the society was constituted by members/persons, who were affected and displaced by 1984 Sikh Riots in Delhi and other areas outside Punjab. All the members were having great affection and links in Punjab especially at Mohali and Ropar. On the advice of then Chief Minister of Punjab and other senior dignitaries, the Society was constituted with the object of providing housing facility at reasonable prices to such families who were disturbed and alienated keeping in view the circumstances prevailing out side Punjab at that time.


The last elections of the society were held on 4th October 2010. After almost 25 years, a new management committee...

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That the Society has 1162 members, out of which 1083 members have been allotted land/plot by draw of lots...

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Land Use

Ever since the new management committee came to power, it took it upon itself to expedite the process of change...

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